The Greatest Commandments (TGC) is an organization with a mission to bring the message of God’s love for us and for one another to the masses through a series of innovative, engaging and relevant programs. TGC began as a divine calling from God of one of the founders to start a company solely focused on developing modern day tools to help bring God’s people closer to him and to help them combat the undesirable outcomes of our culture – things like the increasing divorce rates among Christian couples and of society at large. TGC arms Christian churches and communities with life-changing tools and resources in the battle against these cultural trends.
TGC uses powerful speakers like Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers as well as employs the latest technology to reach out to and transform the lives of many who are seeking for God’s love and security in their lives. Portions of proceeds from TGC are used to develop more products as well as to contribute towards charitable causes.
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