1. How did the idea of The Greatest Commandments come about ?
During Easter Sunday of 2009, one of the founders of The Greatest Commandments (TGC) based in Singapore listened to a sermon in church on the alarming divorce rates that were plaguing our society and that night while asleep, felt a tremendous calling to do something urgently about the problem and received a divine vision of a highly impactful product idea to counter the problem. What was inherently experienced was a strong calling and desire on the need to spread God’s Love. That night, the idea of “The Greatest Commandments” was born. The first brochure for The Greatest Commandments – A 40 Week Spiritual Journey For Married Couples was written at 3am that night. The actual name of the company - “The Greatest Commandments” itself was not decided until a month later. Since planting the idea of the product, the Lord has blessed that founder with people and resources to make the product idea a reality removing many obstacles along the way while giving the TGC team boundless levels of passion and energy to get the product completed with the highest quality. The idea for TGC was truly a call to action from God !
  The Greatest Commandments – A 40-Week Spiritual Journey For Married Couples
2. Who is the target audience for TGC – A 40-Week Spiritual Journey For Married Couples?
TGC – A 40-Week Spiritual Journey For Married Couples is primarily targeted at newly married couples i.e. to be embarked on during the 1st 2 years of marriage. This is one of the most critical periods of any marriage as couples look to start their marriages on the right foot. However, the product is equally effective for all married couples even after many years of marriage.
3. Is the product for Catholic or other Christian denominations?
The product is meant and suitable for all Christian audiences (including Catholics).
4. What if one of the couple is not a Christian/Catholic?
While the product is best suited for couples where both are Christian/Catholic, in the case of “mixed-marriages” as long as the non Christian/Catholic spouse is open and respectful to our faith, they are encouraged to participate in the program for effective results.
5. How does it actually work?
The product is meant to be experiential and weave into the fabric of the couples’ lives. Upon opening the packaging, you will find an access code in the package. Go to the TGC website at www.greatestcommandments.com and click on “Register Access Code” and key in the access code that came with the product. Then follow the instructions to enter the requested information, including the email addresses of the husband and wife. The program is meant to be continued over 40 weeks (i.e. 10 months of 4 weeks each).
At the beginning of each month, the couple should watch the video segment for that month together. After watching the video, they will subsequently receive weekly emails – one each for the husband and wife that gives more information related to the topic of the month, as well as encouraging the couple to do something special for each other. The emails will also have a recorded MP3 audio file that is a recorded narration of the email by Deacon Harold (for the husbands) and his spouse Colleen (for the wives). The customer is free to copy this to other devices like iPods, etc. and listen to the audio version on the road.
6. What format are the DVDs recorded in?
The DVDs are recorded in NTSC format. Most of the DVD players in the United States are able to play NTSC without any problem. Most newer and modern DVD players outside the United States are also able to play NTSC DVDs without any problem.
7. Can I show the DVD in my church or cell group for a large group to watch?
The product is licensed for private home use only. For any other purposes for public viewing, please write in to us at info@greatestcommandments.com to seek permission.
8. How long does shipping take?
Shipping typically takes 2 to 4 working days within the U.S. and 6 to 14 working days elsewhere in the world.
9. What if I don’t get my shipment after 14 days?
Please contact customer service at orders@greatestcommandments.com and we will get back to you promptly on the status of the shipping.
10. What if I do not receive the emails after signing up?
Please check to ensure that the emails are not being directed to your “Spam” or “Junk Mail” folder. If you do find the emails in one of those folders, please mark the sender as a “Safe Sender” so that the future emails get directed correctly to your inbox.
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